Lash Care Instructions

  • Carefully remove the lash from the tray and measure the eyelash by aligning it with your natural lash line. If the lash extends past the outside corner of your eye, trim the excess with the lash trimmer. 
    • Tip: Use a tweezer to hold one end of the eyelash band and gently peel it from the tray. Do not use your fingers, you may accidentally peel the fur off the band.
  • Gently remove before bedtime.
  • Carefully remove any excess adhesive from band with a tweezer.
  • Always store lashes in the original lash tray to keep their shape and to protect them for re-use.

Lash Application

  • To create a shelf for your falsies to sit on, curl your natural lashes and apply mascara which will help support their weight. 
  • Draw a thin line with the Precision Eyeliner close to the lash bed. Apply a second layer of eyeliner for extra hold in any look you desire.
  • Start in the inner corner, slowly apply lash to the outline of the eyeliner. If needed, apply extra eyeliner in the inner corner for extra hold.
  • Apply lashes as close to the natural lash line as possible.
    • Tip: Don’t use mascara on your false lashes. To keep them fluffy and beautiful longer, it is better to apply mascara on your natural lashes before applying false lashes. 
  • Hold down for a few seconds, allowing the eyeliner to bond with the lash band.

*** Have hooded eyes and want a natural eye look? Apply a thin layer of natural/ skin tone eyeshadow before applying eyeliner.