Keeping Lashes Clean

While it’s tempting to peel off your falsies, toss them on the edge of your sink, and forget about them until the next morning- please don’t! Especially since you are investing in your beauty, plus faux lash care is a process—and it should be since it’s one of the products closest to your eyes.

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Lash cleaning is a gentle process, from the cleanser you choose to the washing technique, always handle with care.

Avoid using any oily makeup removers as they will interfere with adhering to the Precision Eyeliner pen.

While there are many different cleaning methods, it is NOT recommended that you fully submerge your lashes in any cleaning solution.

Use a lintless towel to avoid getting fuzzies in your lashes.

  • 1 Small bowl of water
  • Lash Foaming Cleanser with brush( Kit)
  • Tweezers, pointed-end ideal
  • Spooly brush
  • Paper towel

Step by Step

Handle with Care

  • Use tweezers to gently pinch off any glue residue from the band.
  • Place lashes on a paper towel and add Lash Foaming Cleanser, 1 pump per set is usually enough.
  • Gently brush foam into lashes to loosen any mascara or eyeshadow build-up. Holding lashes between thumb and index finger, gently brush the band to remove adhesive build-up.
  • Submerge in a water bowl to remove the cleanser.
  • GENTLY press lashes between paper towels to absorb excess water.
  • You may choose to use rubbing alcohol on the band as an extra sanitation practice, remember to use a fresh end (of the cotton swab) per lash.
  • Use a spooly brush to gently brush out the lashes so they can keep their shape. Make sure you are brushing in the direction of the lashes
  • Allow to air dry and store back on the tray in their box.