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Whether you need help choosing the right lash, applying your lashes, or applying eye makeup, I am here for you. 

Let me know if any of these has happened to you:

Have you ever gotten excited about a new makeup trend, only to be faced with defeat when your new look doesn’t look like the model?!?

Or, you finally have the courage to try false lashes, but you can’t decide which ones to take home, so you go home empty-handed?!?

Or, you found a great pair, but the lash application is not as easy as the YouTubers make it out to be and you’re left with uneven lashes or a messy gluey mess on your eye?!?

UH YEAH, I have been all 3! I felt discouraged. I don’t want this for you. I want to guide you through the whole process, from knowing your eye shape to picking the right lash, to lash application. Let me be your “lash lady”.