Eyelash Foam Cleanser Kit


Foam Cleanser & Brush, 20 fl oz

Our foaming cleanser is oil-free, created for false lashes and lash extensions. Your kit comes with a lint-free brush that’s specifically made for lashes. This brush helps to get in between all those lash layers, giving them the deep cleanse they need for great retention! The lash-friendly cleaner works to remove dirt/makeup yet gentle enough to ensure the lash band retains its longevity and shape. Product bonus: Good for lash extensions as well. It’s formulated without oil to extend the longevity of your lash extensions.

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Cleaning Instructions

CAREFULLY remove any excess adhesive from the band with slanted or pointed tweezers. 

Add a pump or two of lash foam cleaner to the lashes. Using the brush, GENTLY massage the lashes to break up any residue.

Rinse lashes under running water, gently pat dry between a paper towel.

Use a spooly brush to gently comb the lashes to maintain their curl.  

Place lashes back in their original tray (to keep the band curve) and back in the box.